A Word of Thanks...

Thank you Triniflavor Creations, the staff was great and very organized. They did an excellent job. At the end of the night the owner came and assisted her staff with the clean-up. She was so polite and the last to leave after all her staff we picked up or called a taxi.

Christopher. C

Great Staff. Very friendly and engaging. Willing to work with  guests to ensure a pleasant experience. Chris. C

Triniflavor Creations was AMAZING! They  helped me host my first event and made the best drinks. Lily D.

Thank you Triniflavor Creations for your beautiful cupcakes and fresh fruits. I LOVE, LOVE the Cake Topper. Marcia F.

Triniflavor Creations team were outstanding. The setup was beautiful and services was more than accommodating. Will certainly hire her services again.

Lara H.

Creative and beautiful customized party solutions. Will definitely be using this service again. Leacha B

Loved every minute of the event. Thank you. Maria C.

Amazing drinks. Thank you. Barry C. 

Thank you Triniflavor Creations for making this event beautiful, and te celebration grand. The drinks were amazing and the waitstaff were very attentive. Ekatarina H.

Thank you, you all did such an amazing job. The host was very pleased Paul Elton

Thank you for the treats, the fruits were so fresh and I LOVED the cake toppers. Marie F.

Thank you Triniflavor Creations, my guests are still raving about your cocktails. Crystal E.

Delicious! Delicious! Still recovering from those amazing cocktails. Caroline Lorvick

Thank you for the delicious treats. Dinisha N.

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